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Code of Conduct

The selection of stopovers is exclusively for Agricamper Italia members who travel with self-contained motorhome, campervan or caravan (water, sanitary, waste…).

Free, but with all due respect: you are on vacation, but they your host not. Please be respectful of the family and work life of the hosts who are committed to welcoming you. They are not service areas or simple parking lots.

Furthermore, it is forbidden to share the names of the hosts and their details (personal and private data). To preserve your peace and the privacy and safety of your hosts, do not compile them in lists, do not distribute them, do not share them (even on websites and social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube …).

We reserve the right to cancel memberships in case of violation of these rules.

For ideal stopovers

We ask you to respect these few rules of common sense and courtesy:

  1. Reservations must be made only through the App. The host will receive an email with your contact. If you don’t get an answer, call to make sure it’s available. For bookings on the same day, it is best to call or send a WhatsApp message before booking to ensure availability, because not all hosts consult their e-mails during the day;
  2. If your plans change, please delete your booking on the App: so the host do not wait in vain and to free up the stopover for other members;
  3. Respect the conditions indicated by the host: closing dates, arrival time limit and do not ask for services not listed in the App (use of the bathroom, dogs allowed…);
  4. Sometimes for personal or work-related reasons, a host will be unable to welcome visitors. Please respect this;
  5. Introduce yourself and show the host your membership card, hosts will only allow current members of Agricamper Italia to park overnight free on their property;
  6. If your host offers services (water, electricity, toilets, swimming pool…), use it only by prior arrangement as you may be asked to pay;
  7. A purchase is welcome, as a thank you for your overnight stay. That way everyone wins!;
  8. Please keep a low profile. Avoid any nuisance like noise and leave the stopover clean. Dumping of waste water (black and gray) outside the appropriate sanitary facilities is prohibited;
  9. When departing, thank your host for your visit. Are the hosts busy or absent? A note with a message is always nice.


These small attentions are dictated by common sense, we count on you to respect these rules of life, so that our network lasts a long time, for the common good and the tranquility of all.

Your stops help support authentic and quality agriculture and viticulture. Agricamper Italia’s farmers take care of the territories that you value so much, so they will be proud to let you discover them.

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