Nortrip – Norway in motorhome & caravan – Digital stopover guide 2024


Discover the stunning beauty of Norway with the Nortrip Digital Guide, the essential travel companion for those traveling in a motorhome, campervan or caravan. This guide offers a broad overview of hosts that provide unique experiences and the opportunity for free overnight stays. With the purchase of the digital guide, you’ll have access to the Nortrip app, where you’ll continuously find updates and new hosts.

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Product features

  • The app is available in Norwegian, English, German, Dutch, and French
  • Membership valid from January 1st to December 31st, 2024
  • For travelers in motorhome, campervan, and self-sufficient caravan
  • Free 24-hour stops at Norway’s most beautiful farms
  • Enjoy country life, tranquility, nature, and Norwegian regional specialties
  • About 200 hosts, rural hosts across Norway

Like Agricamper Italia, Nortrip is part of FEFI, a European network promoting the unique experience of countryside camping. With Nortrip, you’re not just traveling; you’re discovering the hidden gems of the Norwegian countryside.

Buy your Nortrip digital guide now and get ready for an exclusive trip to magnificent Norway!

Embark on a journey to discover Norway, a land of natural wonders and breathtaking landscapes, perfect for those who love to travel freely. Nortrip, the Norwegian alternative to Agricamper, will accompany you on an unforgettable journey, exploring Norway in a motorhome, campervan, or caravan.

Spectacular Fjords
Dive into the beauty of the Norwegian fjords, natural jewels of rare beauty. From the famous Geirangerfjord to the majestic Sognefjord, each fjord has its own story and unique landscape to offer.

The Enchantment of the Northern Lights
Norway is one of the best places in the world to witness the Northern Lights. Park your camper in secluded locations to experience the magical dance of these lights in the night sky.

Oslo: A City to Explore
Make a stop in the vibrant Oslo, a city that combines history, culture, and modernity. Visit the famous Vigeland Sculpture Park or the Viking Ship Museum for a dive into Norwegian history.

The Atlantic Road (Atlanterhavsveien)
Travel the Atlantic Road, an engineering masterpiece that takes you through islands and cliffs with breathtaking views of the ocean. It’s a unique driving experience that every traveler should live.

Norwegian Mountains
Explore the Norwegian mountains, perfect for trekking enthusiasts. Park your vehicle at the base of mountains like Trolltunga or Preikestolen and prepare for unforgettable hikes.

With Nortrip, you have the freedom to explore these and many other hidden treasures of Norway. The convenience of your vehicle, combined with the natural and cultural beauty of the country, makes every journey an unforgettable experience.

Prepare your motorhome, campervan, or caravan and set off to discover Norway with Nortrip – memorable adventures await!

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