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Partners and conventions



The Italian Federation of Independent Winegrowers groups winegrowers who meet the following criteria: the winemaker who cultivates his vines, bottles his own wine, personally taking care of his product. Who renounces the purchase of grapes or wine for commercial purposes. Which respects the oenological standards of the profession, limiting the use of unnecessary and expensive additives. 51% of vineyards under organic farming and 49% according to the principles of integrated pest management.


The “INDEPENDENT ARTISANAL – A UNIONBIRRAI GUARANTEE” trademark identifies the independent craft breweries recognized by the Unionbirrai trade association . The logo, visible on the labels and in the communication of the breweries that obtained it, allows the consumer to be protected with correct information. Discover the best producers of Italian craft beers .


Agricultural Dairies Open Day is a national event. Promoted by the Association of Casare e dei Casari di Azienda Agricola, it will be held on Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 September 2021 and has the primary objective of bringing a sensitive and interested public closer to the world of agricultural producers, to make them understand how a company that raises dairy animals and produces cheeses.


The Italian Federation of Equestrian Sports is recognized by CONI for sporting purposes and on the basis of its Statute is authorized to regulate equestrian activity in Italy in all its formative, competitive, recreational and training expressions. The FISE is affiliated with the International Equestrian Federation which is recognized as the only representative of Equestrian Sports in Italy.


The Italian Federation of Equestrian Tourism and Trec Ante (FITETREC-ANTE) is an associated sports discipline of CONI, referent for Italy of the competitive disciplines Trec, Trec Attacchi, Monta da Lavoro, Mount Western, Cross Country, Country Derby, Monta Storica, Horse Archery and Equestrian Tourism. It is affiliated with the FITE.

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In 2001 the Association of the Most Beautiful Villages in Italy was born on the impulse of the Tourism Council of the National Association of Italian Municipalities. This initiative arose from the need to enhance the great heritage of history, art, culture, environment and traditions present in small Italian towns which are largely marginalized by the flow of visitors and tourists.



Italian Camperisti for over 12 years is the name that identifies the largest Italian community of motorhomers dedicated to this common passion for living while traveling. Present on multiple social platforms, our aim has always been to unite and share, creating a suitable place to feel part of one great reality.


In the year 2000, the ACTI was recognized by the FICC as a National Federation, with the name of “ACTITALIA Federation”, with seniority in 1940, the year of the Ministerial constitution. Today the ACTITALIA National Federation is a point of reference for its affiliated clubs, for its members and for the entire tourism sector of the movement operating on the national and international territory.


Confedercampeggio stands for the Italian Confederation of Campers : a moral body, founded on 2 July 1950, which is responsible for promoting initiatives for a harmonious development of the practice of camping, in any shape and age, in the context of a correct use of the territory and of the environment to be safeguarded. The Confederation deals with outdoor tourism carried out with a tent, caravan or motorhome.


Yescapa is the European camper sharing platform that makes it easy and safe to rent motorhomes, vans and converted vans between individuals. The site plays the role of a trusted intermediary by offering a turnkey solution for an on the road trip in total freedom and safety. As a member of Agricamper Italia, you get a 50% discount on the Yescapa commission .


The Fédération française de camping et de caravaning (FFCC) is the spokesperson for the six million French outdoor tourists. They are motorhomes, caravans, users of tents, rental accommodation or mobile home owners. Its mission: to help outdoor tourists enjoy their holidays. Recognized by the FICC.



The Österreichische Camping Club (ÖCC) is the largest interest group for campers in Austria. The association was founded in 1951 and is represented internationally in the umbrella organizations FICC and FIA.

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