Golden rules

The selection of areas offered is exclusively reserved to Agricamper Italia members travelling on a completely autonomous motorhome or campervan (water, sanitary ware, waste…).

The people welcoming you are families of farmers, breeders, wine growers or artisans, who are committed to receive you for a free 24h stop within their private property. You are on vacation, they are working. Their job is difficult and demanding. 

We kindly ask you to observe these few rules of common sense and courtesy, for the common good and the tranquility of all:

  • Call to annunce your arrival, unless explicitly requested;
  • Respect the time limits of arrival and the closing dates of each stopover;
  • Please accept that they are not going to receive you for any exceptional reason;
  • Always introduce yourself when you arrive, presenting your Agricamper App;
  • Avoid any discomfort (noise, waste …) and leave the area clean;
  • Ask permission to let the dogs out or use the facilities that can be offered in case of inconvenience (water, toilet …), remember not to empty the chemical toilets in the bathrooms;
  • Always thank your hosts and notify when you leave. Are they busy or absent? A note with a message will make them happy.

Appreciate the products offered by your hosts, in exchange for the safety of your stay and the warm welcome. The stopovers offer various opportunities to please you with local souvenirs or other gift ideas. A way to thank them for their generosity in a simple and elegant way… without any obligation.

Your visit will help to support authentic and quality agriculture and viticulture. Agricamper Italia farmers and winemakers take care of the territories that we all love so much.


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