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Fédération Européenne de la Formule Invitations (FEFI)


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The Fédération Européenne de la Formule Invitations (FEFI) unites 10 European networks which develop the France Passion Formula Invitations in their respective countries. Originating the concept in 1993, France Passion offers the most authentic way to visit a country in a motorhome. France Passion has decided to federate similar networks, to share their respective experiences and collaborate with colleagues from France, Germany, Great Britain and Ireland, Spain, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Austria, Norway and Italy… Discover all the members in detail on the FEFI site!


What is Formule Invitations?
Winegrowers, farmers and artisans invite motorhome owners to stay for a night on their private property.
Each producer undertakes to host campers, holders of the membership for the current year, free of charge.
The Formula allows authentic encounters between owners and campers, who help them discover their terroirs and their products.

What are the objectives of the FEFI?
FEFI’s main objective is to facilitate travel and stopovers for campers in Europe.
Through the FEFI networks, motorhome owners will be able to take advantage of the Formule Invitations created by France Passion to discover the hospitality and richness of European terroirs.