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Explore the wonders of Le Marche: a campervan trip through art, sea and nature

If you’re among those who love traveling around Italy in a camper or caravan, the Marche region is a true gem waiting to be discovered. Nestled in the heart of Italy, this region offers breathtaking landscapes, picturesque villages, and a rich culture to explore. And what better way to explore it than with Agricamper, which allows you to park for free for 24 hours at farms throughout the region? It’s time to plan your unforgettable camper journey in the Marche! To get a sneak peek of the features and discover all the available stops in this region, we invite you to download the Agricamper app and try the Demo version.

Prepare your camper and let’s set off to explore the Marche together!

Ancona: the eastern gateway

Start your journey in Ancona, a historic and culturally rich port city and the capital of the Marche region. Once you’ve parked your camper, explore the historic center with its majestic Arch of Trajan, dating back to the 1st century AD, bearing witness to the city’s Roman past. Stroll through Piazza del Plebiscito, the vibrant heart of Ancona. Here, you’ll find numerous cafes and restaurants where you can savor local delicacies like “brodetto.”

Ascoli Piceno: the heart of the Marche

Ascoli Piceno is a medieval gem full of charm and history. Visit Piazza del Popolo, one of Italy’s most beautiful squares, and sit at one of the surrounding bars. Admire the Church of San Francesco, a masterpiece of Gothic architecture housing important artworks, including paintings and sculptures. Before leaving Ascoli, don’t forget to taste the famous “olive ascolane,” a local specialty.

Fermo: art and history

Fermo is a city that will captivate you with its art and history. Admire the Cathedral of Fermo, an imposing masterpiece of Romanesque and Gothic architecture, and the Palazzo dei Priori with its prestigious World Map Room, named after the world map created in 1713 by cartographer Silvestro Amanzio Moroncelli, measuring about two meters in diameter and of splendid workmanship. Finally, take a stroll in the gardens of Villa Vitali for a naturalistic break surrounded by plants and flowers from different parts of the world.

Macerata: theater and beauty

Macerata is renowned for its cultural life and architectural beauty. After parking your caravan, visit the Sferisterio Arena, an extraordinary open-air theater known for its summer opera productions. Then head to Palazzo Buonaccorsi, home to the Civic Museums, and continue exploring the city with the Basilica of San Giuliano, one of Macerata’s most important places of worship, adorned with frescoes and sacred artworks.

Gradara: traces of eternal love

Visit the Gradara Castle, the town’s jewel famous for being the setting of the tragic love story of Paolo and Francesca, immortalized by Dante in the Divine Comedy. Admire the well-preserved interiors and climb the walls for a spectacular panoramic view of the surrounding countryside and the sea. Continue your day in Piazza della Signoria, admire the historic center and its medieval architecture, and savor local cuisine at one of the cafes and restaurants scattered around the square.

Pesaro: sea and culture

Pesaro offers a captivating blend of culture and sea. Start your visit to Pesaro by exploring the Gioachino Rossini House Museum, dedicated to the famous Italian composer. After discovering Rossini’s musical legacy and before heading back to your campervan, take a break on Pesaro’s beach, the perfect place to relax, sunbathe, and cool off in the crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic.

Urbino: renaissance art and beauty

Urbino is a city that will immerse you in the art and beauty of the Italian Renaissance. Start your visit by exploring the Ducal Palace, one of Urbino’s main attractions and a masterpiece of Renaissance architecture built for Federico da Montefeltro, the famous Duke of Urbino. Wander through the picturesque streets of the historic center, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Admire the well-preserved buildings, welcoming squares, and the unique atmosphere this Renaissance city offers.


The Marche region offers an incredible variety of experiences and places to discover during your camper or caravan journey. Now that you have an overview of what to do and see in each province, it’s time to plan your perfect trip. And remember, Agricamper offers you the opportunity to park for free amidst nature at farms throughout the region, making your journey even more special. Download our app and check the map to find the facilities where you can spend a free night in the Marche and all over Italy.

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